December Auction now LIVE, Ends Monday 11 December from* 7pm (GMT). Bottle Deadline for next auction: 27 December. 

How can I become verified to bid over £2,000?

​In order to bid above £2,000 we require an identity check. This is to ensure the legitimacy of users so that bids are valid and fair. Once you submit the required documents, our Customer Service team will review the documentation and you will then be alerted whether you have been approved or not.  Once approved, you will be able to bid over £2,000 on any lot across the auction.  Please note, that should circumstances arise as per our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to revoke approval, or, alternatively, approve after further review should an individual not be approved.

To upload your identity documents and verify your account to place bids over £2,000 you can do so here.