Our Policy on Fraudulent Wines

Wine Auctioneer takes fraudulent wines very seriously and we continually look to combat the sale and spread of these fake bottles, be they refills or invented forgeries.

Wine auctions are on the front line in combating wine fakers and here at Wine Auctioneer we undertake to reject wines which we deem either questionable, problematic or obviously not authentic.

We understand that this is an issue our auction users are rightly concerned about. This policy is designed to provide reassurance to our users that we take this matter incredibly seriously and are constantly working to learn and improve our knowledge in order to battle fakes and protect the market.

Our staff have been trained to go through the following stages for any bottles that require additional verification:

  • Physical Check: Looking at each bottle and asking if it is genuine. Are there spelling mistakes on the label? Does the packaging have a low quality of craftsmanship? Is the fill level too high? Does the seal look damaged or tampered with? Is there a tax strip? If so how and where is it attached and is it the correct type/format for the bottle’s era?
  • Research: Comparing labels, liquid colour, fill level, glass codes, seals etc. with other examples.
  • Provenance: Researching the source of the wine and gaining information on its provenance.
  • Expert opinion: We will not hesitate to ask for a second opinion. We consult with other industry insiders when assessing potential fakes to ensure the highest possible level of scrutiny.

With the number of fake bottles on the market rising and with counterfeiting methods getting ever more advanced there is a chance that a fraudulent bottle might mistakenly be listed in the auction. If you think that a bottle has been listed in our auction that is not genuine please contact us immediately and provide us with as much evidence of your suspicions as possible. If you have purchased a bottle which you think may not be genuine, our Terms and Conditions allow a period of 14 days to raise suspicions with us. We are always happy to respond to enquiries of this nature and appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

If you have any concerns about any bottle please contact us.

Please note that due to a reported wine-fraud operation, we do not accept any wines from Burgundian producer, Denis Philibert, from the 1990 vintage onwards.