How Much Is My Wine Worth?

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The value of a bottle of wine is dependant on various factors including market supply and consumer/investor demand, critic scores, and maturity compared to expected longevity. Wine Auctioneer has many years experience in the wine and auction industries and we would be happy to provide you with a valuation.  Estimates are provided using recent auction sale prices online and in-house, and in consideration of current retail values.

If you would like to receive valuation of your wines, please visit our Auction Estimate page.


How do I sell my wine?

Fill out our Seller Form and one of our experts will get back in touch to assist you through valuation and getting your bottles to auction.

How many items can I submit to sell?

You can submit as many bottles as you like! 

What fees are involved for selling wine?

There is a £6 listing fee per lot. Once a bottle is sold, sellers pay a 5% commission on the final hammer-price.

Conditional Fees

If you wish to create one lot of mixed wines, there will be a mixed-case fee of £5 per lot.

If you wish to place a reserve on an item there is a fee of £10 per lot.

Please note VAT is charged to commission, listing and reserve fees. VAT is not applicable to the hammer price of the wine.

More information including additional fees, reserve price restrictions and payment terms can be found here.

When and how do I get paid for my sold lot(s)?

Sellers are paid within 21 business days from the end of an auction, however, payment is only completed if the buyer has paid us.

Payment is made by direct bank transfer and can take a few days to show in your account. 

Any banking charges or exchange rates are paid for by the seller.