How Does an Online Wine Auction Work?

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Individual sellers deliver bottles that they wish to sell at auction to our office in Perth.

Once they have been authenticated by our highly-experienced team, photographs are taken and the bottles are listed on the website in the next available auction. Wine Auctioneer hosts online wine auctions on a frequent basis, during which registered users across the globe can bid on bottles online. The highest bidder at the close of the auction is then notified by email and asked for payment within 3 days.

The seller receives payment within 21 working days of the end of the auction.


What fees are involved for buying wine?

If you are successful in winning a lot, buyers pay a 12% commission on the final hammer price of the wine.

Please note VAT is applicable on commission and surcharges.  VAT is not applicable to the hammer price of the wine.

More information including additional fees and payment terms can be found here.

What fees are involved for selling wine?

There is a £6 listing fee per lot. Once a bottle is sold, sellers pay a 5% commission on the final hammer-price.

Conditional Fees

If you wish to create one lot of mixed wines, there will be a mixed-case fee of £5 per lot.

If you wish to place a reserve on an item there is a fee of £10 per lot.

Please note VAT is charged to commission, listing and reserve fees. VAT is not applicable to the hammer price of the wine.

More information including additional fees, reserve price restrictions and payment terms can be found here.

When and how does an auction end?

The end date of the current auction will always be clearly displayed on the notification bar at the top of the website.

Our auctions will end anytime from 7pm (UK Local Time).  Once 7pm is reached, activity on any item will prolong the ENTIRE auction by a further 2 minutes.

This means that the entire auction will end when there has been no bidding activity placed within the last two minutes after 7pm. The auction will usually take several hours to finish after 7pm has passed.

What are your opening times?

UK Head Office Opening Times: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

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UK London Office Opening Times: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

Book Appointment for UK London Office (Bottle drop-offs only)


Please note, items can only be collected after 10.00am due to licensing laws and our offices can only be accessed if you have booked an appointment in advance.