Step by Step Guide to Buying In Bond

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How to buy in bond wine at an online auction

Wine Auctioneer is pleased to expand its services with the introduction of buying and selling in bond wine. This will allow wine lovers, collectors and connoisseurs access to some of the worlds rarest and most unique in bond wines. Our online auctions are held once a month for ten days during which you can place a bid at any time.

In addition to great in bond wines, we offer a user-friendly website, exceptionally competitive fees, a fast professional service and a partnership with one of the UK's oldest and most experienced bonded warehouses. If you are interested in buying in bond wine, first read about the benefits or head straight to our current auction page. If there isn’t an auction live, don’t worry, just make sure that you are registered and ready to bid for the next auction. View our Upcoming Auction Dates


What does 'in bond' mean?

Wines sold 'in bond' have not had duty or VAT paid on them. These wines are not physically held by Wine Auctioneer and are instead stored in a bonded warehouse.


How To Buy Wine In Bond At Auction

1. Register user account

Read through our Step-by-Step guide to buying wine at auction. The in bond auction process follows the same steps as buying duty-paid wine until point 5 - collecting, shipping or storing your order. Please also read our Fees and Payment Information and our general Terms and Conditions.


2. After the auction

This is where the auction process differs for buying wine in bond. For wines not in bond, you will choose to collect, ship or store your order at checkout. For wines in bond, this selection will not be available when paying for your order. Instead, you will be contacted separately to discuss your options:

  • Storage in Wine Auctioneer’s bond account at LCB's Global Warehouse, Burton-On-Trent.

    • If you wish to store your in bond wine with us at LCB, you will be assigned your own Wine Auctioneer sub-account and will be charged at 2% of the hammer price (£5 minimum) for every 90 days of storage.

  • Transfer to another bond account.

    • You can transfer your in bond order to your own bond account. If this is with LCB, a transfer fee may apply which will be payable directly to LCB. To transfer to another bonded warehouse provider, delivery fees will apply.

  • Delivery within the UK following removal from LCB bonded warehouse.

    • If you wish to remove your wine from LCB's bonded warehouse for delivery within the UK, VAT (at 20% of the hammer price) and duty will be payable directly to Wine Auctioneer prior to release from bond. LCB's delivery fees will also apply. Please contact us for more details. 

  • Collection by a third party for shipments overseas.

    • Where you are arranging collection to ship in bond wine overseas, you will be responsible for arranging the collection with a shipper who provides a bond movement guarantee. Wine Auctioneer cannot organise delivery of in bond wine outwith the UK.

All usual buyers fees will apply.