Caring for the Environment

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Our environmental journey is ongoing and is one that Wine Auctioneer is committed to. As a company we strive for excellence in every aspect for our business, and as such are passionate about minimising the environmental impact of our operations. Across our whole business, from each office department to our warehouse and on-the-road collection drivers, our team members are mindful of the demand on our planet's limited resources and work hard every day to care for and protect the environment in which we work.  We are currently focusing on a few key areas but this is just the beginning of a wider project to become an even more sustainable business.



1. We are reducing the levels of product packaging in orders whenever possible and beginning work on phasing out all of our non-biodegradable packaging by looking at alternative options which are environmentally beneficial.

2. We are monitoring our energy use across our offices so that we can understand where energy savings can be made and are promoting awareness around energy efficiency so that staff are aware as to how they can help reduce energy. We have installed solar panels at our Perth office that are now fully operational.

3. We are actively promoting and encouraging environmentally sustainable practices for our employees, ensuring they contribute to reducing their own and the company’s environmental impact. For example, we are promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst our employees, whilst helping to save on the cost of their commute and reducing Wine Auctioneer's carbon footprint by setting up a Cycle To Work scheme for all employees.

4. We monitor business travel by all employees and aim to find ways that have minimal negative environmental impact. We always try to consider the need for travel and, where possible, do our best to find means of alternative communication such as video conferencing, or choose a greener mode of transport. 

5. We follow the guidelines laid out by the 5 R's (Responsibilities) of sustainability whenever possible: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle.


At Wine Auctioneer, all of our employees share ideas and opinions regarding our environmental practices and improvement will be continuous, an Environmental Work Team has been created to ensure progress is being made. Where practicable, we will provide information and assistance to customers on any environmental issues surrounding our services.